Lindsey Wixson for Numéro Tokyo Sept 2014

Lindsey Wixson for the September issue of Numéro Tokyo

Shot by Guy Aroch

Styled by Elisabeth Sulcer

gxxl_53fbb7eb-9be8-4e0f-a952-59410a627753 gxxl_53fbb7f0-6f00-43e1-bb4f-59370a627753 gxxl_53fbb7fa-e43c-40e4-9185-6a620a627753 gxxl_53fbb81b-7e0c-4cef-9705-59420a627753 gxxl_53fbb805-e25c-4524-b742-59340a627753 gxxl_53fbb811-6584-4a8f-a967-3be50a627753 gxxl_53fbb821-a6d8-4b56-b4f5-59370a627753


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