Julia Nobis for Interview September 2014

Julia Nobis for the September 2014 issue of Interview Magazine

Shot by Craig McDean

Styled by Karl Templer

gxl_5408861c-a2e0-428b-b5e9-074f0a771fd0 gxl_5408862d-1570-487d-86f3-2b2f0a771fd0 gxl_54088615-9c30-4281-ae9b-131a0a771fd0 gxl_54088626-2810-4df8-b2c1-10f30a771fd0 gxl_54088635-0b54-4c06-a02e-2b2f0a771fd0 gxl_54088640-e9b8-4ba6-81f7-2b2f0a771fd0 gxl_54088650-3f88-4796-8aff-1bf90a771fd0


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