Tobias Sørensen for Da Man S/S 2015

Our top male model Tobias Sørensen for Da Man S/S 2015

Shot by Peter Ash Lee

Styled by Moses

Tobias-Sorensen-DA-MAN-Magazine-Peter-Ash-Lee-01-620x829 Tobias-Sorensen-DA-MAN-Magazine-Peter-Ash-Lee-02-620x415 Tobias-Sorensen-DA-MAN-Magazine-Peter-Ash-Lee-03-620x839 Tobias-Sorensen-DA-MAN-Magazine-Peter-Ash-Lee-04-620x841 Tobias-Sorensen-DA-MAN-Magazine-Peter-Ash-Lee-05-620x843 Tobias-Sorensen-DA-MAN-Magazine-Peter-Ash-Lee-06-620x832 Tobias-Sorensen-DA-MAN-Magazine-Peter-Ash-Lee-07-620x606 Tobias-Sorensen-DA-MAN-Magazine-Peter-Ash-Lee-08-620x415 Tobias-Sorensen-DA-MAN-Magazine-Peter-Ash-Lee-09-620x839 Tobias-Sorensen-DA-MAN-Magazine-Peter-Ash-Lee-10-620x844 Tobias-Sorensen-DA-MAN-Magazine-Peter-Ash-Lee-11-620x415


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